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Help Center

I am a retailer interested in Simply Charming Products
Please feel free to register as a retailer. Once you are verified as a retailer Simply Charming will send you more information about our products and our website. You will also receive a Retailers Code to allow you to create an online account and view our wholesale prices.

I am not a retailer or do not own a store
Simply Charming is a wholesale manufacturer, meaning that we do not sell directly to consumers. You may however browse our website or look through our catalog. If you find something you like you can choose from one of the online stores in our where to buy section or find a location near you to visit.

How do I view Simply Charming's wholesale prices online?
As a courtesy to our customers Simply Charming allows the public to view our products but reserves the ability to buy and view prices to retailers only. To view prices and order online you must be logged into your online account. To create an online account you must first register as a retailer to receive the Retailers Code. If you already know the Retailers Code you may click here to create a new account.

How do I order from Simply Charming?

You can also order from Simply Charming at one of the many trade show and industry markets we attend throughout the year. Join the Email list to receive updates and news about upcoming shows.

Are custom orders accepted?
Custom orders are accepted to our descretion. Some products online offer customizations, otherwise you can contact us to see if we can make your custom order.

How do I become a drop-ship customer?
Many of our customers with online stores prefer a drop-ship arrangement. To set up your drop-ship account we will need a purchase order, a credit card, a packing slip, and shipping information.

How can I receive more information about Simply Charming?
Register as a retailer or join our Email list and we will subscribe you to the Simply Charming Newsletter. In these newsletters you will find new and featured products, Simply Charming news, and updates on shows and show specials.

How can I receive product images?
As a Simply Charming customer you are allowed to use our product images for the web. Please contact us to receive information on how to download the images you see on this website. If you need larger or higher resolution images please let us know and we will send you an image cd.

How can I create an online account or recieve the Retailers Code?
To create an online account
click here and enter the retailers code given to you when you registered as a retailer and you will then be allowed to create an online account.

How can I return a product
All product returns or descrepancies must be approved before any return may be accepted. Please contact us online or via phone (1.310.328.4182).

Online Account Questions

I am already a Simply Charming customer, do I still need to creat an account?
Yes, online accounts are different than our business accounts. You will need to be logged into an online account to view prices and order online.

What do I put for my Login?
Your Login can be just about anything. Typically you would like to choose a name that can be easily rememberd, like your name or your business.

What do I put for my Password?
Anthing you can remember that is 7 characters or more. Please refrain from using the Retailers Code as your password.

I forgot my login and password.
If you have created an account but forgot your password you can have it sent to the email address associated with your login. If you have forgotten your login you can either: A) Contact Us and we will find any login name based on the Email you provide; or B) create a new account with different a login name