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Birthstone Garters

A birthstone is a special stone that reflects characteristics of ones birth month. Each of the 12 different birthstones corresponds to specific month and possesses special characteristics that represent those born in that month. Our birthstone garters feature a embroidered tulle garter with a Swarovski birthstone applique. Many believe that wearing your birthstone will bring good luck and other attributes, depending on the birthstone.

Birthstone Garters

January Birthstone Garter
Code: G-BS-JAN

February Birthstone Garter
Code: G-BS-FEB

March Birthstone Garter
Code: G-BS-MAR

April Birthstone Garter
Code: G-BS-APR

May Birthstone Garter
Code: G-BS-MAY

June Birthstone Garter

July Birthstone Garter

August Birthstone Garter
Code: G-BS-AUG

September Birthstone Garter

October Birthstone Garter
Code: G-BS-OCT

November Birthstone Garter
Code: G-BS-NOV

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June Birthstone Garter

March Birthstone Garter

September Birthstone Garter

December Birthstone Garter


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