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Silver Cake Pull Charms - set of 18


Silver Wedding Cake Pull Charms - set of 18.

This lovely tradition dates back to Victorian England. These tiny charms were hidden under the bottom layer of the bride's cake with only the ribbon and satin bows streaming delicately from underneath the cake. Before the bride and groom cut the cake, all of the bridesmaids gather around the cake and pull a charm which holds the promise of her future.

Heat-true love
Ring-next engagement
4 Leaf Clover-good luck
Flower-blossoming love
Wishing Well-a wish will come true
Anchor-travel and adventure
Wedding Bell-next married
Highchair-blessed with children
Money Bag-good fortune
Wreath-happy home
Rocking Chair-longevity
Telephone-good news
Captains Wheel- travel and adventure
Shamrock-good luck
Picture Frame-happy life
Baby Carriage-blessed with children
Horseshoe-good luck
Airplane-travel and adventure