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Code Name Price    
BOCLOSEOUT Baby One-Piece with Cross
BO-545T Baby One Piece Tank Top w/ Cross
PG-BLK/RB/PC Police Charm Garter
7000/B Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet
7001-10 Little Girls Favorite Things Sterling Silver Charms
7011-9 Baby Shower Sterling Silver charms
7013/8 Bridesmaid Sterling Silver Cake Pull Charms
AB530 Angel Baby Church Dolls
BB301 Crocheted-Edge Keepsake Bonnet
BB302 Battenburg Keepsake Baby Bonnet
BB303 Crocheted Edge Keepsake Bonnet
BB304 White Satin Keepsake Bible
BB304A Satin Bride's Bible
BB304E White Eyelet Keepsake Bible
BB305 Linen Keepsake Baby Bonnet
BB305S Linen Keepsake Baby Bonnet w/ Shamrocks
BB307 Irish Linen Lace Keepsake Bonnet
BB307S Irish Linen Shamrock lace Bonnet
BB308 Crocheted Keepsake Bonnet
BB310 Blue Embroidered Baby Bib
BB315 Fancy Cotton Keepsake Bonnet
BB318B Blue Embroidered Baby Bib
BB324 Linen Bib w/ Cross
BB325 White Satin Bible w/ Cross
BB325E White Eyelet Bible w/ Cross
BB329 Blue Embroidered Birds Baby Bib
BB330 White Satin Baby Bible w/ Swarovski Crystal Cross
BB331 Satin Baby Bible /w Blue Bow
BB332 Battenburg Baby Bible
BB339 Lace Keepsake Bonnet
BB381 Teddy Bear on the Moon
BB385 Boo Boo Bunny
BB386 Woven Baby Blanket with Cross
BB387 Bunnies, Bears & More Baby Blanket
BB831 Baby Bible with Sterling Silver Cross
BBM650 Bridesmaid Button
BBM662 Bridesmaid Button (min. 12 pieces)
BC105 Silver-plated Teddy Bear Baby Cup
BC1140 Girl's Silver-plated Brush & Comb Set
BC1670 Boy's Silver-plated Brush & Comb Set
BC525 Linen Christening Towel with Cross
BC526 Linen Christening Towel with ornate Cross
BD658 #1 Dad Button
CO-10 Beaded Organza Trim Collection
BG651 Groom Button
BG657 #1 Grandpa Button
BG663 Groomsman Button (min. 12 pieces)
BH-B Embroidered Clothes hanger
BM659 #1 Mom Button
BMH661 Maid of Honor button (min. 12 pieces)


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